How Women Can Cure Jock Itch!

Yeah, Jock Itch can occur in Women too!

Mostly Jock Itch occurs in groin areas of men due to sweating but it can happen to females too.

Jock Itch can occur in women in many ways :

By wearing tight fitting clothes leads to over-bacterial growth in the fungus and leads to red rashes, pain itching. I know, it’s really very frustrating and irritating.

It wakes you at night, don’t let you work with a cool mind.

But now you need not worry, here I am going to share some amazing home remedies on how women can cure Jock Itch. So, keep following! :)

  1. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes
  2. Sleep naked at night
  3. Use Anti-fungal soap and wash it well.
  4. Apply Jock Itch cream and keep that area ventilated
  5. Wear cotton undergarments
  6. Don’t share towels or lockers with anyone
  7. Keep your environment clean
  8. Don’t have inter-course if you have severe Jock Itch
  9. If you are an athlete or do a work out daily, make sure you have a bath after it to prevent fungus to grow.
  10. Use medications like tea tree oil, Jock Itch salve etc. to cure Jock Itch fast.
  11. Maintain a clean hygiene.

If your Jock Itch gets sever, make sure to consult your doctor.

Here some Women Jock Itch Pictures :

females can get jock itch tooScreenshot










Here you learn how to cure Jock Itch. The above tips are also useful for men who have Jock Itch while not just for women. If you have Jock Itch, just follow the above given tips and it will give you some relief. If your Jock Itch gets severe, make sure you consult a doctor.

How To Get Your Adsense Account Approved

Are you hustling to get Google Adsense Account approval?

Even I hustled too!

So, on the basis of my experience, I am going to explain how you can get Adsense account approval within few days. Just follow the below given steps :

  1. Have a good no. of quality posts on your website.

Never compromise with the quality of the posts if you really want Adsense account approval.  You should have atleast 30 posts with atleast 2-3 good length articles of around 1800 words each.

Make sure that all the posts are grammatically correct and free of errors and typos.

2. Apply Adsense for the long-term blogs 

Never apply for Adsense with Micro-niche or event blogs such as Google will certainly not approve Adsense for these types of blogs. You need to have long-term blog on some good niche like health, law, business, finance.These types of blogs rises the chances to get Adsense account approval fast and quickly.

3. Have legal pages on your blog

Make sure you have legal pages on your website such as Privacy policy , disclaimer, terms and conditions page on your website.  This creates an authority in the eyes of Google and gets you the approval much faster.

4. Submit your website sitemap

Sitemap helps Google bots to crawl your website at a much faster rate. If you have a sitemap on your website, it will help Google to access your pages much faster and will increase your chances to get the approval.

It won’t take much of your time, you can use SEO by Yoast WordPress plugin to get Adsense approval.

5. Custom Domain

Getting a custom domain is not a big deal. Instead of using a domain like .. ABC.blogspot or I think you should go for to get a faster approval and reduce the chances of rejection.

6. Drive some traffic 

Don’t just write too many posts and then apply for Adsense. Wait for 2-3 months, drive some natural traffic: Organic as well as social. Drive some decent traffic and then apply for Adsense.

BTW you should select a good WordPress theme for Adsense to get high CTR and make more money from it.